Athera¡¯s strategic alliances is the assembling of a Commercial, Academic & Government institutional-style healthcare organization. A powerful and vibrant alliance among business and universities is formed. ¡°The Uni-Biz Alliance¡± is a corporation (in-formation). The Corporation will be profit making, be eventually self-supporting and will, to the extent practicable, ¡°Operate Without Borders¡±.

Athera sees much of the successes of their increasingly vibrant alliances being based on the synergy inherent among the different multi-discipline and multi-cultural entities involved. The Corporation believes that it is providing an original kind of medical sector language and is energizing the creation of a technology-oriented culture for open-minded healthcare professionals. It is without question that these two new kinds of ¡°Communication Channels¡± will serve to better focus concerned professionals on Complimentary and Alternative Medicines.

Athera will thrive as the provider of broadest possible range of healthy therapeutic solutions and of ¡°Treatments Without Consequences¡±

Shanghai Xing Ling Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy
Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicines University
China Human Body Research Association