Dr. Celeste Skardis

Dr. Celeste Skardis is one of those rare physicians who integrates both eastern and western diagnostic and treatment methods with her patients.

Utilizing such methods as acupuncture, herbs, supplements, manipulation, neuraltherapy, prolotherapy, nutrition, and a counseling method called EMDR, she helps people of all ages to relieve their pain and suffering and teaches them how to help themselves. Now, she is pleased to welcome the full line of Athera Thera products into her practice.

For the past 14 years she has maintained a private medical practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico and for the past 30 years has trained in and studied eastern and western medicine.
She taught nutrition and lifestyle awareness in Europe and ran a live-in wellness program in the United States. Currently she is also the President of OMANM, the state oriental medicine professional association.

You may reach her at:
Dr. Celeste Skardis
411 St. Michael's Drive o Suite Five
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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