TheraCORE 50 is based on a patented technology of preparation and extraction dirivitive of gingko Biloba leaves, as its main ingredients. It is in the stage of preparing the clinical study for FDA approval.

1) Main ingredient gingko biloba tree leaf extracts
2) Content is 44/6/5
3) Completely acid controlled by a standardized process
4) High flavonoid content
5) 2 million dosages plus given with 92.7% effectiveness
6) Of those cases reporting side effects a mild upset stomach was the most significant

Thera Core 50 used for:

1) Coronary heart disease
2) Angina Pectoris
3) Protection against acute Cerebral Ischemia
4) Curative effect for Myocardial Infarction
5) Dizziness (vertigo)

o Protective effect against cerebral ischemia
o Inhibit hrombosis in vitro
o Reduces platelet aggregation, whole blood viscosity, total cholesterol and triglycerides where levels are elevated
o Minimal side effects and complications from usage