Athera¡¯s core product technologies are based on , first and foremost, the scientifically rigorous measurement, testing and post-application monitoring of the human body's Autonomic Nervous System's functioning. The subject technologies and their complimentary know-how effectively allow the creation of specially designed therapies to target and enter nerve, brain and muscle cells in order to selectively produce those neurotransmitters and molecules that are most important in the controlling of autonomic nervous function. Neurotransmitters control all of the automatic functions of the body including heart rate, breathing, mood, sleep, temperature, memory, mental acuity, and muscle strength.

These products have been classified as Medical Foods* in order to comply with FTC and FDA policies concerning structural function claims about therapeutic products.

*Definition on FDA web site:
A medical food is prescribed by a physician when a patient has special nutrient needs in order to manage a disease or health condition, and the patient is under the physician's ongoing care. The label must clearly state that the product is intended to be used to manage a specific medical disorder or condition. An example of a medical food is a food for use by persons with phenylketonuria, i.e., foods formulated to be free of the amino acid phenylalanine. Medical foods are not meant to be used by the general public and may not be available in stores or supermarkets. Medical foods are not those foods included within a healthy diet intended to decrease the risk of disease, such as reduced-fat foods or low-sodium foods, nor are they weight loss products.